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Woody's Pizza
Woody's Pizza

Freshly made hand crafted pizza using simple, natural ingredients.

Our ethos is simple, to make great pizza you have to use the best quality ingredients, make everything by hand, bake in a wood fired oven and serve immediately. Nothing pre-prepared, bought in or added, its 100% real food lovingly made with as much locally sourced, organic and foraged ingredients as possible.

We serve from our beautiful vintage horsebox and fantastic festival stall. Designed by us, they’re bright and cool so we stand out in a crowd and make Woody’s the perfect choice for informal out-door dining, awesome take-away or a tasty festival treat.

Zdenko, our pizzaiolo, has always cooked but when he started making pizza life changed completely, now he lives, eats and breathes pizza! He wants to make the best pizza you’ve ever eaten and for him that’s Neapolitan, the classic Italian pizza made in the traditional way.

Woody’s menu is a mix of Italian favourites and our own unique specials, from the classic Margherita to Woody’s Green Pizza with Green Pesto, Crispy Kale and Courgette there’s lots of fantastic options to choose from.

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“Pizza is not recipes or formulas, it’s a craft. Respect the craft, it’s the difference between good and great pizza.”
Tony Gemingani, The Pizza Bible

Zdenko spent a long time perfecting his dough to create the right base; a light, airy crust with a soft, chewy centre it’s satisfying without being heavy. He works each pizza by hand then they’re baked in a really hot wood fired oven so they form the perfect crust – round with blackened leopard spots called cornicione, the traditional Neapolitan style pizza.

Toppings are creative and fresh. Zdenko experiments with flavours to find combinations that are inventive but retain the simple, rustic quality of Italian pizza. Ingredients are a mix of Italian – Caputo flour, Fior di Latte mozzarella, San Mazarno tomatoes and local – organic, foraged, home grown and fresh.

Cooking with wood isn’t easy but it is sustainable. We’re also low waste and use biodegradable plates and boxes. We have a vegan pizza, can make gluten free and are happy to discuss food intolerance and allergies so nobody has to miss out.